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  • Philippines Retreat in Sipalay (Negros) is available for booking - will start end October 2018 - Link
  • Thailand - Koh Chang - the Holistic Wellness & Stress Relieving Retreats are available now (German & English)- Dates November/December - Link
  • New Page with videos about Coaching Life Stories has started now - check it out in "Navigation" - Link

My Mission to support YOU
I'm offering for you specialised weekly retreats, short workshops and personal coaching which have a well balanced mix of mental and mind oriented elements.
Partially I'll work togehter with local Yoga teachers, Healers, Creative Therapists and others to form combined weekly retreats in Asia.

In most European countries the job and private pressure are growing constantly (more work, less time). Physical and psychosomatic problems and illnesses are increasing dramatically and people are looking for more than just a holiday with sun or simple weekly Yoga or Ayurveda sessions to calm down. They more and more need professional retreats where they practice to relax better and especially actively learn various techniques to be more resilient (resilience is the ability to handle the business pressure, private challenges and other negative external impacts much better).

YOU are in the focus
Everything you need to feel happy and loved is within yourself - We help you get in. There are many influences that disturb our free loved beeing - these are stored in our “mental backpack”. Our mental backpack is on one hand filled with known live experiences, unknown influences from previous incarnations and from our historic family generations (your women or men's family line).  So it’s about to put light on that what is in the mental backpack, see the secret behind what we can’t reach by your consciousness as it’s stored in our sub-consciousness. Then transform it, which means “accept”, “see the sense”, “transform it to a positive state". You can’t change how it was, only how you react on it.

I'm looking forward to see and transform the YOU to happiness
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Lombok  Retreats/Workshops
(New Program 2019 in progress)