About me ….

About me ….

After almost 30 years of business in the economy, many profound personal experiences and transformations, I've decided in 2014 to go into the independant personal coaching.

During the past educations as QiGong & Yoga Teacher, NLP Practioner/Master I've had many times the idea/wish to start as independant coach. But there we're some personal barriers and faith rates to go ahead.  It still needed about 5 years and more personal processes, as well as training to Kinesiologist Master and Systematic Coach, in order to have the right time and the right feeling for the "now it's the true time".
From the great fund of personal experiences, from the recognition of inner skills and the coherent feeling "doing the right thing" I also feel how beautiful It is to go with people part of their own way together. To help people to dissolve oppressive things, to gain new strengths in themselves, reactivate existing but hidden potentials and thus to move from the now into a positive future.

Education Background

Parallel to my IT business roles I’ve made the following Coaching related educations in weekend or weekly courses (total timeframe approx. 10 years for all listed educations):

  • Certified Business Coach ECA – European Coaching Association
  • Certified NLP Master Practitioner – German DVNLP and International NLPTA Association
  • Systemic Constellations Education – Family & Organisation Systems, SIB Level 3
  • Certified Kinesiology Coach – Member of German Kinesiology DGAK, Association Level 2
  • Certified Touch for Health Coach – Member of German Kinesiology DGAK,  Level 2
  • Certified Yoga Teacher – US 200hours Yoga Alliance, Anusara Immersion 1 to 3, + 350h
  • Qigong Teacher Education

How I work
My work as coach can be seen in two main areas:

  • Personal Coaching for individuals
  • Resilience Workshops for groups (up to 10-15 people)

In both areas I use my full educational set but with a different shaping. The Personal Coaching is more Kinesiology and Systemic Constellations oriented with partial NLP techniques. The Group Resilience Workshops have more NLP elements and Systemic Constellations, partially Yoga Pranayama and Qi Gong and less Kinesiology inside.

Kinesiology application in Personal Coaching’s
Kinesiology and technically related Touch for Health are methods that use the clients muscle to identify a stress or non-stress with a topic. The muscle is directly connected with the sub-consciousness of the client – here is the source of the “problem” stored and here is the point where the stress can be resolved.
The client is in a full present state – no hypnotization – he/she feels as well that the muscle gives different feedback “stop – yes or no stress” or “goes through – no or stress”. With this indication, combined with mind and sub-consciousness information/feelings the stress topic will be found and with various techniques, could be meridian points, chakra points, knock points, systemic constellations or whatever the “system of the client” needs – resolved.


NLP application in Resilience Workshops and Personal Coaching’s
In the group workshops I’m using the 8 areas of Resilience as a guideline. Within the areas I’m using mainly NLP techniques like anchor point, modalities change, circle of excellence, Walt Disney Strategy, timeline and so on.
Participants get working papers where the do there exercises after instruction.
In Personal Coaching’s I use NLP partially if needed to “reflect client mentally” and to “switch off the brain to let him/her accessing the sub-consciousness”.


Systemic Constellations application in Resilience Workshops & Personal Coaching’s
Systemic Constellations is a very effective method used for a united group topic or a personal topic. In group workshop individuals are working with personal floor cards (stress topic & resource the need) supported by inspiring Coaching Picture Cards.
On the other hand Systemic Constellation can be used to reflect the whole group with a united topics – each participant represents a related resources, theme and so on to the core topic everyone has - “the addiction” as example. Then the process of interaction between the different “positions”, relations to each other’s start and a solution can be found for the whole group.
In individual Coaching Sessions I use it the same way and most of the time it goes in the direction of family and childhood Systemic Constellation – the source of the “problem” is most of the time in the past/family.

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